The 3 Key Event Hire Items You’ll Need for a Beautiful Backyard Wedding

Your wedding day is one of the most important and significant days of your life. It can also be the most expensive event you're likely to undertake, with Australian couples spending an average of around $36,000 on their big day. If this figure is enough to send you into a panic, you're probably looking for ways you can have a beautiful and memorable wedding without the eye-watering high cost. A popular option for many couples is to forgo using a traditional venue and instead have a backyard wedding in their own or someone else's home. Read More 

2 Must-Have party Hire Items For A 70s Disco Themed 40th Birthday

This is the decade when all the 70s babies will be celebrating the massive milestone of their 40th birthday. If you're planning your own 40th birthday party or a party for a loved one who wants to see their 40s in with a bang, then an authentic 70s disco party might be the perfect theme. A 70s disco party is a fun, nostalgic and lively theme which will be memorable for the birthday boy or girl as well as the guests. Read More