2 Must-Have party Hire Items For A 70s Disco Themed 40th Birthday

This is the decade when all the 70s babies will be celebrating the massive milestone of their 40th birthday. If you're planning your own 40th birthday party or a party for a loved one who wants to see their 40s in with a bang, then an authentic 70s disco party might be the perfect theme. A 70s disco party is a fun, nostalgic and lively theme which will be memorable for the birthday boy or girl as well as the guests. Here are two must-have party hire items which will help to create an authentic 70s disco vibe at your chosen venue.

1. A disco ball

No 70s disco party would be complete without the ubiquitous disco ball that graced the ceilings of nightclubs all over the country. As well as adding to the authenticity of the decor and providing a dazzling centerpiece for the room, a disco ball will shoot multitudes of light particles around the space and illuminate the guests in their finest disco attire.

Make sure you opt for a disco ball that has an automated rotation feature to provide movement and atmosphere. You can team the disco ball up with a multi-coloured lighting display to recreate the vibrant and loud hues of a 70s nightclub environment. If you want to take it one step further, a portable smoke machine can also be obtained from your party hire company.

2. A jukebox

Music is one of the most important elements involved in a successful 70s disco party and a jukebox is a retro and fun way to provide it. Authentic 70s jukeboxes or faithfully reproduced replicas will enhance the 70s decorative vibe as well as providing an authentic soundtrack for the night.

Make sure that your jukebox is loaded up with plenty of disco chart toppers from the era. Your guests will have a fantastic time selecting songs to show off their Saturday Night Fever-style dance moves to. Some jukeboxes also have a built in karaoke function so you and your guests can perform renditions of your favourite 70s hits.

A 70s disco party is a fantastic way for a young-at-heart 40-year-old to celebrate their birthday. It's a great opportunity to don some groovy outfits, let your hair down and create some hilarious and special memories with family and friends. Contact a local party hire company to book the hire of these fabulous items for the big night.