The Flexibility of Marquee Weddings: Tips for Personalising Your Venue

Your wedding is about much more than showing your love and commitment to your partner. It's also an opportunity for you to flash your sense of style and delight your guests. Hiring a wedding marquee is one way to bring your visions to life. Marquees are ideal for personalising, giving you as much flexibility as possible. Before hiring one, it'll help to understand how you can make the most of yours.

Marquees Are Blank Canvases

When you choose to host your wedding in a set venue, you ultimately need to revolve your design around its existing decor. Unlike set venues, marquees act as blank canvases. Their neutral nature allows you to create a colour and lighting scheme that supports your theme. Whether you want a modern chic vibe or something more rustic, a wedding marquee can support your vision.

Creating Your Own Layout

The sky is the limit when it comes to creating your layout in a wedding marquee. You can arrange the interior space as you see fit, making it easier for you to accommodate your guests. Circular seating, long tables and cosy relaxation areas are all possible within the confines of one space. As an aside, you don't need to worry about running out of space for guests. Many wedding hire companies offer a broad selection of sizes, so you can upgrade your package as your guest list grows.

Flexible Lighting and Decorations

Having the right lighting and decorations can make a big difference to your overall theme. You might love the idea of bright and vibrant lighting during the wedding breakfast, but you want something more subtle and sultry for the evening party. Marquees are entirely flexible when it comes to lighting — all you need to do is hire the right types. As for decorations, a marquee's canvas-like nature means you can transform it into anything from a winter wonderland to a magical forest.

Bringing the Outdoors to Your Wedding

Hiring a marquee is also an excellent opportunity to mix indoor and outdoor settings on your wedding day. Depending on where you place the marquee, you may benefit from panoramic views of stunning scenery. You also have a chance to create outdoor socialisation areas, giving your guests the opportunity to grab fresh air from time to time. If your wedding is set in a countryside location, this could also mean that you benefit from romantic views of the stars when night falls.

Wedding marquees are flexible and ideal for adapting to your personal style. After hiring one, you can bring it to life with the touches you add. For more information on wedding marquees, contact a professional near you.