Three Reasons to Hire a Marquee For an 18th Birthday Party

If one of your kids is about to hit their 18th birthday, you may have agreed to give them a big party. This is a milestone age that you want to celebrate.

However, finding the right venue can be hard and expensive. You're all leaning towards having a party in your home but this idea fills you with some dread.

If you have space in your garden, you could hire a marquee and have the party out there. What are the benefits?

1. Keep Your Home Intact

While you want your child to have a great party, you may not be keen to have a load of teenagers rampaging through your house. The thought of the clean-up and the chances of damage may make you think twice about giving up your home for the night.

If you put a marquee up in the garden, then you can have a party at home but not in your home. You don't have to worry about mess or damage.

At a basic level, you can use the marquee as the primary party space and let people into some parts of the house, such as the kitchen and a bathroom. Or, you can go the whole hog and hire portable toilets, as well, and keep your house completely out of bounds.

2. Give the Kids Some Space

Even if you're throwing a joint family and friends party, your teenager will want some space during the evening. They won't necessarily want adults around all the time especially if they think you're monitoring them.

If you have a marquee, then you give your child and their friends some space. You and other adults can join in the party but you don't have to be there all the time. You can decamp indoors when you want to leave the teenagers alone. However, you're usefully on the spot if you're needed at any point.

3. Deal With Age Problems

Your child may be 18 on the day of the party, but not all their friends will be this old. Some are likely to be 17 or even younger.

It's hard to find a venue for an 18th sometimes. Some venues will only allow over-18s in, so your child wouldn't necessarily be able to invite all their mates to the party. If you throw one in a marquee, your child can invite whoever they like.

Bear in mind that you don't need a huge garden to have a marquee. You can find small products that don't need that much space. To learn more about your options and costs, contact marquee hire companies in your area.