3 Essentials For A Backyard Wedding

Weddings can be very expensive, with the average Australian couple spending around $65,000 on their nuptials. However, for many people, this kind of budget is out of their price range. This had led to a growing trend in backyard weddings, where the reception, and often the ceremony, takes place in a friend's, family member's, or even your own backyard. If you're considering this type of wedding then here are three inclusions that will ensure that your big day is successful.

1. Chair and table hire

Your guest will need seating, both for during the ceremony and for when they're dining. Most event hire companies like Chair Covers & Candelabra have wedding seating and table packages. The price of hiring them will include pickup and delivery to your desired location.

The least expensive type of chair and table hire is plastic furniture. While cheap, these can also be fairly unsightly, so you may have to hire table cloths and chair covers to dress them up a bit. If you're happy to spend a little bit more, then you can opt for fold up timber or metal chairs. These look a lot more attractive and won't need dressing up unless you particularly want to add some decorations to match your theme.

2. Marquee hire

Unless you have a very large undercover space available in the backyard you're using, then you'll need to provide your guests with some shelter. A marquee is one of the most cost effective and attractive options for this. A marquee will protect your guests from the heat of the sun through the day and also means that your outdoor wedding can still go ahead if the day turns out to be rainy.

Marquees come in various shapes and sizes, depending on how many guests you need to accommodate. It's best to get a recommendation from the event hire company about the ideal size. Marquees can also be hired with removable sides, usually complete with clear window panes, which can be added or removed as required.

3. Lighting hire

If your reception is going to continue on into the evening hours, then you'll need to include lighting hire in your budget. Event hire companies can supply you with a variety of lighting options depending on your preferences.

Colourful festoon lighting looks amazing when draped around trees and the interior and exterior of your marquee. Fairly lights used in the same manner can turn your backyard into magical, sparkling wonderland. You can even hire chandelier style lighting to turn your marquee into an outdoor ballroom.

A backyard wedding can be beautiful and memorable as well as inexpensive. With these three fundamentals, you'll transform a simple garden into a truly lovely wedding venue.