Party Equipment Hire You Should Consider For an Outdoor Event

Hosting an event can be an arduous task. Typically, homeowners would rather hold events in their backyard so as to minimise on messes created in the house. As such, you may know the obvious requirements you may need such as marquee hire, décor and more. However, there are a number of other items that people do not consider until the event is underway. Here are some of the items you should consider for party equipment hire when holding an event outdoors.

Air conditioning for your marquee

During the sweltering summer months, a marquee makes a good option for outdoor shelter as it provides protection to your guests from the weather elements. However, if you are hosting a large number of people, the conditions can become balmy inside the tent. Rather than having to open up some of the walls to let in some form of a breeze, you should consider ventilation options. Some party equipment hire providers can install an air conditioning system to ensure that temperatures remain conducive throughout the event. Therefore, you do not have to worry about your guests being hot and flustered during the day only to start feeling chilly once the sun sets.

Charcoal braziers for outdoor events

If you do not suspect any showers during your event, chances are you may skip having a marquee at your event. This may help you save some money, but it also leaves your guests vulnerable to falling temperatures in the evening. In these instances, an air conditioning system may not suffice, as it is not an enclosed space. Instead, you would be better off opting for charcoal braziers from your party hire equipment providers. These braziers are functional and will also enhance the ambience with their lighting. One security measure to keep in mind though is to also have the provider issue you with fire extinguishers. Place these in strategic locations and inform your guests about their presence to ensure people know what do in the event of a fire.

Bug zappers to annihilate insects

Another aspect of outdoor entertaining that most people forget about is that insects may crash your party. This is especially common in the evening as they become attracted to the bright lights at the venue. To eliminate this discomfort, you should enquire about bug zappers when opting for party equipment hire. This equipment not only eliminates the bugs, but it also ensures that they do not fall on your guests in the process.

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